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Broadcast E-mail

Broadcast E-mail is at the heart of our service. With this database enabled e-mail service, you can easily subscribe different e-mail addresses within your organization, and decide whether to receive emails live throughout the day or to receive a sorted digest, with all messages sorted by manufacturer.

The HTML enabled e-mail messages contain useful links to dealer profiles, e-mail links and phone numbers to make it easy for you to respond to buy and sell listings of interest to you.

You can post broadcast e-mail either from the form on the CTP website, or you can use your own e-mail client to send in your listing without logging onto the site. This makes it convenient to get your listing in front of hundreds of computer dealers in a matter of seconds.

When you broadcast your buys and sells on the CTP E-mail list, you get results!

Click on thumbnails to view detailed screenshots.

For information about the Computer Trading Post,
please call Sales at or (1-847-814-3045).

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