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Edit Prices online and display results by price

ComputerTradingPost.com is the first service to display prices for "Buy" items sorted in price order. If you click on the first thumbnail, you will note that prices for the VT220 are sorted in ascending order, so you can find the right price right away.

If you want to edit your price, you can do so right from the screen display page. An "Edit" link will appear next to the "Description" column to make it easy for you to place yourself where you want to be in the price listings. Also, you can quickly delete any single listing from this page.

While you can upload a large number of listings automatically, you can also edit individual listings easily, and often this can be the best way to keep your trades current.

Click on thumbnails to view detailed screenshots.

For information about the Computer Trading Post,
please call Sales at or (1-847-814-3045).

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