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Manage your Listings, Renew your Listings

Listing on ComputerTradingPost.com is a two way street - you can upload your listings, and you can download them also. This gives you the ability to work with them in your tool of choice (such as Excel, Access or your inventory system), and then re-upload your updated listings. Click on the first thumbnail below to view the "Request Inventory of your Listings" page.

It's important on ComputerTradingPost.com that all listings are fresh and updated. Therefore, any listing that is greater than 40 days is aged off the system. If your listings are correct, and you wish to renew your listings, you can easily accomplish this with one simple form. Click on the second thumbnail below to view the "Renew Your Listings" page.

Click on thumbnails to view detailed screenshots.

For information about the Computer Trading Post,
please call Sales at or (1-847-814-3045).

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